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Choose The Best Kitchen Knives For Sale in Melbourne

Give your chefs access to the best kitchen tools by shopping for kitchen knives in Melbourne. No doubt knives are among the most important and versatile tools used in the kitchen to prepare many delicious dishes. You can buy knives online from Hotel Agencies and get quality assurance on each of our products.

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We promote healthy safety practices by offering tested and durable cutlery and kitchen supplies. Whether you want to prepare an elegant lunch or dinner, our kitchen knives online come in handy and enable restaurant owners to create an excellent dining etiquette for their customers.

The knives are manufactured for professional use. The supreme quality blades are made of steel. You can pick suitable kitchen knives for sale according to the type of cooking work done by the chefs. We offer different types of knives that are designed for specific cooking purposes. If you are looking for quality kitchen knives online, do not hesitate to get in touch with our team members. Get in touch with us today and we will help you complete your commercial kitchen cutlery set.

Steak Knives in Australia

We offer steak knives for sale. Whether you need a one side serrated knife or a double-sided serrated knife, we have got you covered. The serrated blade has an extremely sharp edge and can withstand the extensive commercial kitchen environment and usage. If you are looking to cut through pieces of meat with ease, Hotel Agencies offers the best steak knifes Melbourne has to offer for restaurants, cafes and Hotels.

Butter Knife in Australia

The butter knives spreaders consist of rounded tips. The knives are used to slice and spread butter and jam on the bread slices. The modern butter and cheese knife spreader knives prevent the accidentally spearing of bread.

Want to shop for a cheese knife set in Australia?

From butcher knives to chef knives, we offer a variety of knives in different sizes and colours. The cheese knives in Australia have gained immense popularity among our customers due to their versatility and ease of use. The knife sets are designed specifically to make your everyday food preparation tasks efficient.

Brazilian Knives

Purchase quality steak knives for sale at Hotel Agencies. Visit our online or retail store and have access to our steak knives that are manufactured in Brazil. These brands include Tramontina and Mundial knives. Brazilians love their meat! So you can be sure they put extra care and creativity when producing their sophisticated knives.

German Knives

Need a sturdy knife that is tougher than most, the Wusthof brand of knives are the toughest we have on offer, made with over 200 years of German precision. These knives are thicker and have a heavier feel, allowing the user to have extra force when cutting.

Many of our knives are made with carbon steel causing the blades to be extra hard, which makes them good at resisting abrasion and retaining their shape for many years.

Japanese Knives

If are looking to buy knives online that are commercial grade Hotel Agencies can help you. We offer the most premium and affordable brands from quality sources. Our highest quality Kitchen knives online are our Shun and Kasumi brands that are hand made in Japan. Each blade has with a 100 step manufacturing process to create a lightweight blade that is both consistently sharp and durable. If you are looking for an alternative look you can also consider our Global kitchen knives online. These knives are made from one piece of metal giving them a unique look, they feature on popular TV shows such as Master Chef and My Kitchen Rules.

Swiss Knives

Additionally, our most affordable kitchen knives for sale are made in Switzerland from the brand Victorinox which has been operating since 1884, these knives have lasted our customers over 20 years of service.

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