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Commercial combi ovens are extensively used in modern kitchens for cooking. As the name suggests, they offer a combination of convection and steam cooking. They cook faster as compared to traditional ovens, which makes them the ideal cooking partner for chefs in restaurants. With low energy consumption, the combi ovens can be used throughout the day to prepare a variety of dishes.

The combi ovens for home utilise three main cooking methods that are convection, steam and a combo of steam and convection. From baking loaves of bread to roasting meat, these ovens can be used to get the right texture in your dishes.

combi ovens online

Hotel Agencies bring a whole new range of combi ovens online that are made for the contemporary culinary world. The ovens are a blend of innovative steam technology and robust constriction. These streamlined cookware items make a style statement while offering an array of remarkable benefits to the cook.

Hotel Agencies offers only the highest quality commercial combi ovens. Our branded range includes:

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The ovens come with customised settings that allow the user to change the cooking settings based on the dish they want to prepare. We have the ultimate combi oven for sale. Whether it’s your home or commercial space, you can equip your kitchen with this technologically advanced and user-friendly cooking device. The multi-range cooking options allow the user to cook the food with a combination of both steam and hot air. You can make use of the temperature and moisture control options to adjust the settings according to your convenience.

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