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Restaurants, hotels and bars know how important it is to have a fully functional commercial dishwasher. The dishwasher not only helps to clean the kitchen utensils but also helps the kitchen staff to be more efficient as there is no need for someone to manually wash dishes. From glasses to trays, anything can be cleaned with the help of a dishwasher.

If you are looking for a commercial dishwasher in Melbourne, Hotel Agencies is here to help you find branded hospitality equipment for your business. We have a stock of some of the most popular and widely used kitchen tools and hospitality supplies you need to run a commercial establishment. We have specifically hand selected top-quality products for our customers.

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The dishwasher in Melbourne offers great value to the customers. With the latest designs and technology, you will be amazed by the many features of our dishwashers. They come in a range of designs and dimensions to suit all types of commercial kitchens.

Looking for the best quality dishwasher Melbourne has to offer?

Hotel Agencies stocks the most reputable brand of commercial dishwashers in Melbourne; this brand is smeg which has been manufacturing dishwashers since 1948. This Italian made product is made with the highest quality, enabling their products to come with 24 months parts and 12 months labour warranty.

In commercial dishwashers, the rinse is the most important stage of the wash cycle as it is the only one performed with clean water. All smeg dishwashers come with a rinse pump to guarantee that optimal and constant pressure and temperature are maintained throughout the rinse cycle.

Restaurants, Hotels, cafes and other hospitality venues are all very fast paced and will always require the fastest and most efficient dishwasher, which is why the smeg dishwasher is the fastest on the market offering the shortest wash program at 90 seconds. If you are looking the fastest and most affordable commercial dishwasher Melbourne has to offer then visit Hotel Agencies online or retail store today and view some of our demo units on the floor in our showroom.

Many hospitality venues have to manually polish glassware and cutlery after a normal cycle. This process is very time consuming and could otherwise allow their staff members to be more productive doing other tasks. However, Hotel Agencies has a solution to this problem by offering the osmosis treatment unit. This unit is connected to the dishwasher or glasswasher allowing the machine to wash the dishes free of mineral salts; it also requires a lower concentration of detergent and rinse aid.

The result of this process enables the glassware to completely dry on its own and prevent any need for polishing glassware or cutlery by hand. Lastly, due to the high mineral content of Melbourne’s water, over time there is often a build up of scale in the dishwashers pipes which can lead to problems and high maintenance fees. The osmosis treatment unit prevents scale build up in any part of the dishwasher, meaning this is one less headache for a business owner to worry about.

Hotel Agencies offers a wide range of other brands for dishwashers, pass-through dishwashers and glass washers. These brands include:

Why should you Duy a Dishwasher online from our Store?

Our staff members are equipped with knowledge of kitchen appliances and tools. They will review your request and suggest a suitable kitchen supply that works best for your premises.


Hotel Agencies deals in quality hospitality equipment based on the customer’s needs. Let us know what your kitchen requirements and budget are, and our staff will help you pick out the best and cheap dishwasher in Melbourne. We bring an entire cooking lineup for our customers so that they focus on running their business while we keep their establishments stocked with our equipment.

Thinking of buying a dishwasher online? Our dishwashers come with the manufacturer's warranty. Don’t waste your time thinking, browse the best dishwasher online on sale today.

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