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A commercial electric deep fryer comes in handy for most commercial kitchen settings. It is used to cook and prepare a variety of dishes including potato fries, doughnuts, mozzarella sticks, shrimps and much more.

If you need a commercial fryer electric for your newly renovated kitchen, look no further than Hotel Agencies. You can use the device for deep frying almost all types of food items. If you have a special dish on your menu, then we suggest you choose the right deep fryer according to your everyday cooking applications.

commercial fryer online

The fryers are perfect for small restaurants to high-end hotels. From appetisers to desserts, you can prepare delicious meals for your guests quickly. The commercial electric deep fryer is specially designed for cooking food in large quantities. If your kitchen has limited space, you can pick out a countertop fryer as it is highly compact and occupies lesser space.

Commercial Gas Deep Fryer

Our commercial gas deep fryer can cook many different types of appetisers and entrees. Made from durable stainless-steel material, the fryer is built to last. With a capacity ranging from 70-100 lb., it will be an excellent addition to busy commercial kitchens.

The benefit of shopping for commercial deep fryers with Hotel Agencies is that we are able to provide you with customized units. Our Supplier Luus industries can provide customers with single or twin bays and various other modifications from their factory in sunshine west.

The brands we offer include:

Deep Pan Fryer

Get the deep pan fryer with in-built food warmer. We offer commercial fryers made of 100% genuine stainless-steel and aluminium alloy in varying capacities. The fryers come with handles for easy transportation and cleaning. The easy to operate fryers features a toggle switch for seamless operation.

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