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Disposable gloves for food service are very important in the food services sector. Gloves are the essential kitchen equipment used to maintain cleanliness and hygienic levels at all times. For hotels and restaurants, it is more important than ever to prevent food contamination and limit physical contact. The gloves can be used to handle food items and dishes in commercial sectors.

From food preparation to serving the food, using disposable gloves for food handling is the best and most hygienic way to get the work done in kitchens. The disposable gloves are not only durable but are made from a biodegradable rubber material that offers great comfort to chefs and kitchen staff.

disposable gloves online

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The disposable gloves for cooking are made from superior quality polyethylene material. They are great for handling food items and cooking. The lightweight and ultra-thin gloves offer a proper fitting. They can be worn and removed quickly and eliminates hand contact. These types of gloves are designed for light-duty tasks. The elastic material offers a snug fit.

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Our product range includes disposable gloves that are 100% safe for your hands and prevents cross-contamination. They can also be worn for washing dishes and cleaning the premises. When your staff cleans the dishes, they come in contact with a lot of soaps and chemicals. A pair of clean disposable gloves for food service will keep their hands clean and dry.

Hotel Agencies offers a wide range of disposable gloves for food handling. This includes clear and blue gloves that are either powdered or have no powder. The materials consist of either latex, vinyl and nitrile. Furthermore, Hotel Agencies carries sizes to cater for all of our customers needs, from small through to extra large.

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