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There are many food items which are served with tongs such as sushi, salad and noodles. While shopping for tongs for sale, you need to be sure of the material and what type of tong you need to serve the customers.

Upgrade your kitchen equipment by adding highly versatile and attractive tongs online. From serving food to the customers to tossing salads, the tongs can be used to perform multiple tasks at once. They feature a non-slippery and tight grip that allows the user to lift food from bowls and serve it on the plates. You can also use the tongs to flip meat or open liquor bottles. Not all pots and pans come with an easy to grip handle, if your kitchen is equipped with tongs, it will be easier for the chefs to prepare and transfer food.

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We offer versatile stainless-steel tongs that can be used for a variety of cooking and serving purposes. The durable polycarbonate material makes the tongs virtually unbreakable. They are perfect for hosting buffets in your hotel. They come with a smooth handle so that you can easily pick items including dessert pieces, fruits and bread. The even edges are used to hold dishes without any hassles or accidental spilling.

Our range of tongs online features a silicone rubber. The steel body has a high heat resistance and does not contain any additives.

With years of industry experience, we at Hotel Agencies know how to identify the unique needs of our customers and offer them accurate kitchenware products and equipment. We have successfully served hundreds of businesses, restaurants, bars, cafes and hotels by offering our range of customised hospitality solutions.

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