Rectangular Serving Trays

Tray servicing is an essential part of the hospitality industry. Trays are used to carry and transmit hot and cold food products as well as dishes from the kitchen to the table. Usually, rectangular serving trays are used to present and serve food to customers. The trays are spacious enough to keep serving bowls, plates, spoons and forks in an aligned order and bring them to the customer’s table.

Hotel Agencies offers a variety of serving trays and platters available in different shapes and sizes. You can serve both drinks and appetisers nicely to the customers and improve your restaurant’s quality of services. Our most popular tray products are made from ceramic materials; this ensures long lasting products that will survive the strenuous hospitality environment.

rectangualr trays online

Now serve food in style with our large rectangular serving trays. They are perfect for daily tableware or kitchen use. You can pick a suitable colour and design that best matches your establishment’s style and décor. Made from sturdy materials, the trays are built to last and are dishwasher safe. Other popular rectangular serving trays include our wooden and melamine ranges as they offer a more unique serving aesthetic to customers.

What Type Of Serving Tray Do You Need?

Fast food serving trays are quite common in cafes and hotels. Although you can find trays made of different materials, our experts recommend a ceramic rectangular tray as it is more durable and resilient as compared to other types of tray materials.

The enlarged trays have an excess surface area. You can choose the tray size based on the size of the appetiser and drinks you usually serve in your café. Purchase platters with a raised rim! They are deeper on the inside and offer a convenient and safe method to carry food and drinks.

Our team draws upon our experience while creating a collection of professional kitchen tools and equipment. Our large rectangular serving trays have been developed for the commercial industry. We assure all our customers that we only stock the highest quality hospitality supplies.

Provide a memorable experience to your customers and guests by keeping your establishment fully equipped at all times.

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