Buy Wholesale Restaurant Plates in Melbourne at Best Prices

Ready to open your restaurant? Have you thought about what type of restaurant plates you’re going to have? When it comes to choosing dinnerware for your café or hotel, there are a lot of factors to consider such as colours, design, materials, patterns and shapes.

Hotel Agencies is among Australia’s leading suppliers of restaurant plates wholesale. We have got a versatile collection of stylish and durable tableware and dinnerware made for regular use. With our kitchen products, we ensure that all our items are long-lasting and follow the hospitality industry’s set standards and demands.

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Why Select Our Restaurant Plates?

Tableware such as restaurant plates serves many purposes besides offering food to the customers. Our plates offer the perfect combination of aesthetics and functionality.


We supply an extensive range of hospitality kitchenware including cups, plates, glasses, cutlery and other essential equipment. They are designed to withstand the fast paced hospitality environment. With our choice of restaurant plates wholesale, you can shop for the best brands at competitive prices.

Decorate Your Dining Table with Our Cafe Plates Online Melbourne

Our commercial-grade dinner and entrée plates have got everything you need to run your restaurant, café or hotel. We stock high-quality cafe plates and other essential kitchen utensils.

Create the perfect dining settings for your customers by choosing the right dishwasher safe bread and butter plates. The stunning designs and rustic looks will leave a lasting impression on your customers. The premium plates are robust and sturdy and you can complete your crockery set for the main course plates, starters and desserts.

Whether you want side plates or dinner plates for service, we have got you covered. Our soup/pasta plates are 100% microwave, refrigerator and dishwasher safe. Our experts will help you choose café plates made from long-lasting materials that do not crack.

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