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A stick blender commercial is used to easily blend food to a liquid or solid form in a timely fashion. Commercial kitchens offer the perfect creative space to chefs where they prepare plenty of dishes every day for their customers. It is important that the food they serve is delicious and prepared as quickly as possible. The stick blenders are known for their high-end performance in the kitchens. With several unique features, the blender is a highly versatile and unique cooking tool for commercial use.

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When you buy stick blenders online from Hotel Agencies, you can be sure that you are getting value for money products. We specialise in supplying durable, tested and sturdy kitchen appliances and supplies at wholesale prices. Each kitchen product is tested for its performance to ensure we only deliver a good quality kitchenware product or tool to our customers. At Hotel Agencies, we offer the Robot Coupe stick blenders as our premium product. Each Robot coupe unit is manufactured in France and has a 2 year warranty for parts and labour, as experts in our field we know this is a testament to the quality of the product. Other creditable brands we offer include the Sammic and Dynamic stick blenders.

At Hotel Agencies, we always put our customers’ best interests first. This being the performance, quality and safety of the equipment we offer. All of our Robot Coupe stick blenders come with a dismounting tool to remove their blade for cleaning and maintenance. This is an important feature many other brands do not consider, this ensures the safety of those cleaning the machine as they will not cut themselves on the blade. Additionally, the dismounting tool ensures the proper cleaning of the unit, which is vital to prevent cross contamination, mould and rotting food from building up on the inside of the stick blender.

Shop online today for our commercial stick blender sale, each unit is manufactured with special features to ensure longevity. This includes the stainless steel motor base for intensive use. A lug on the motor base that can be used to rest the mixer on the rim of the pan to make it easier to handle and relieve some of the weight from the user and a cord winding system to ensure the easier storage and prevent wear and tear. Our heavy duty stick blender capacity ranges from 15 to 400 litres of mixing, whilst the robot coupe mini and micromix range takes care of the smaller capacities.

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We are offering commercial stick blenders on sale online. Our commercial blenders are completely different from traditional blenders in terms of style and functionality. The blender effectively blends multiple ingredients at once which reduces the overall food preparation time. From whisking to emulsifying liquids, you can use this immersion blender for a variety of recipes.

We have an extended range of blenders including:

1. Hand-stick blender: It creates lump-free batters and cooking liquids in just a few minutes. You can use it to prepare salad dressings or exotic sauces.

2. Heavy-duty stick blender: It is used for chopping and/or blending food items in the pot. You can change the speed according to your cooking requirements. The stainless-steel blending shaft effectively crushes the food.

3. Mini stick blender: Offers the best blending performance for smaller capacities. It features an ergonomic handle for a non-slip grip. The changeable speed settings allow the user to change the modes according to the food items they want to blend. It is good for blending, emulsifying and whisking.

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