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Wine Glasses for Sale Online

Bars and hotels are incomplete without proper glassware. If you have wine included in your menu, you should be aware of the importance of quality stemware. Make a difference to your establishment by shopping for wine glasses online at Hotel Agencies.

Let your customers and guests enjoy the rich taste and aroma of carefully crafted fully embodied wine. Wine glasses are very necessary to offer a delightful dining experience, which is why you need to pick the glasses of the right size, shape and design according to the type of wine you are serving to your customers. High end sommeliers will always choose the right wine glass for their clients, the size and style of the glass can determine the concentration of a wines aroma. The most well known wines and provinces will have glasses that are specifically dedicated to them. These include Burgundy, Cabernet and Pinot Noir glasses to name a few, you can purchases these wine glasses online from Hotel Agencies today for delivery or click and collect.

wine glasses online

Whether it is red wine or white wine, every bottle of wine has its own characteristics that are highlighted by their respective glass. If you are looking at portion control for your expensive wines and want to make sure you get the right bang for your buck, then you are at the right place. The perfect tool for this job is our elegant and sophisticated looking Plimsoll line glasses. Badged with a faint and small line at the 150ml mark will allow your waiters an ample measuring point when they are pouring wine for your customers. If you are serving from a 750ml bottle with this glass then you should be able to provide exactly 5 servings to your customers, saving you money and time.

We also offer an extensive range of polycarbonate wine glasses in Australia imported from the world’s leading manufacturers. They are unbreakable and highly resilient.

While searching for a safe and practical option, we are sure you’ll end up loving our collection of wine glasses for sale. Each wine glass is manufactured to the highest quality, they are dishwasher safe and ideal for indoor and outdoor use.

Hotel Agencies is proud to present the most popular and branded wine glasses curated to help restaurants, bars and pubs complete their glassware collection and serve their customers effectively.

For serving red and white wine, we recommend our clients to choose our wine glasses online that have a wider surface area and narrow top that release the wine’s aroma slowly. Our equipment specialists ensure that our customers choose the right restaurant supplies according to their needs and budget.

Enhance the drinking experience of your customers with every sip by shopping from our online store today.

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