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Looking for cocktail glasses set? Complete your bar by acquiring commercial grade glassware. The key to delivering an exceptional dining experience to your customers is having all types of glasswaretableware and crockery available to cater for your clients every need. Hotel Agencies is proud to bring branded and durable hospitality supplies at competitive prices.

We understand the importance of modern glassware in serving and fulfilling the expectations of your customers. If you own a bar, then it is your responsibility to make a mark on your guests that compels them to visit again. We are sure your guests will simply love cocktails served in the best cocktail glasses online.

cocktail glasses online

The glassware is made from high-quality and durable glass. They are perfect for casual and formal dining settings. The wide rim of the cocktail glasses can be used to sprinkle various ingredients and decorate the drink. These glasses can be refrigerated to chill the drink quickly.

Cocktail Glasses Melbourne

Who doesn’t love to enjoy their favourite cocktail in classy glassware? We bring the ultimate range of stunning cocktail glasses online. Get ready to impress your customers by serving them chilled ready-to-drink beverages in beautiful glasses.

Our cocktail glasses are sourced from creditable manufacturers in Italy and Spain, choose from our wide range of glassware to best suit your venue. Our cocktail glasses online feature the classic hurricane glass; a popular choice among many restaurants and bars. Shop from Hotel Agencies and you are in for a surprise.

What We Offer?

Our cocktail glasses online are made from polycarbonate material. They are smooth to touch, lightweight and shatter-proof drinkware. You can carry them around and transport them without worrying about breaking them.

Present the best version of your food and drinks in this authentic glassware and cutlery. A proper glassware set will allow you to serve your customers appropriately. We supply cocktail glasses in Melbourne that are a combination of practicality and style. Browse our product range today.

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