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Premium Wholesale Glassware for Sale In Melbourne

Every drink tastes better when it is essentially being served in the right glass. For instance, you can only serve hot beverages to your customers in coffee glasses or double walled glasses, to prevent people from burning their hands. Similarly, you need unbreakable polycarbonate wine glasses and tumblers to serve at a bar. Shop for classy and trendy designed glassware in Melbourne only at Hotel Agencies.

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From Liqueur and Brandy glasses to durable Champagne and Wine glasses, we have got it all. The modern designs are an ideal match for bars and clubs. The glasses can be refrigerated and offer multiple applications and benefits to the customers.

We supply different types of polycarbonate and even stainless-steel glasses while ensuring 100% customer satisfaction. All our modern-day glassware products are tested for their quality durability. Built to last, our collection of wholesale glassware in Melbourne are dishwasher proof. The sturdy glass material retains its shine and shape for years to come. This everlasting quality is brought to you by products that incorporate modern technologies. This includes Tritan technology which causes the glassware to withstand cracking and prevent clouding or discolouring over the life of the glass, this type of glassware is perfect for the commercial environment. Additionally, many of our glassware ranges include tempered safety glass, meaning when a glass breaks it does so in the safest possible way by shattering into tiny pieces. This prevents people from injuring themselves on large shards of glass.

No matter the type of dining experience you wish to offer, we are sure when you use our elegant and practical glassware for sale, you can offer exceptional service to your customers.

Why Choose Our Glassware In Melbourne?

At Hotel Agencies, you can find thousands of quality glassware for serving cocktails, wine, beer, whiskey, juice and other drinks. We are offering quality glassware at the best prices. Our specialists are here to help our customers find the right kitchen equipment for their business. The polycarbonate construction of glasses makes them virtually unbreakable. They are dishwasher safe and can withstand extremely cold temperatures. Moreover, if you are serving beer at your venue from a tap then you need a legally approved glass to serve your customers.

This is a weights and measures approved beer glass and can be distinguished from other normal glasses by the badge at its base. This badge states the precise capacity in millilitres held by the glass, typically the most common sizes are 285ml, 425ml and 570ml. This ensures your customer is aware exactly how much alcohol they are being served. Examples of product information like this are why we at Hotel Agencies are dedicated to providing the best service by keeping our customers informed. Shop for the best glassware Melbourne has to offer at Hotel Agencies!

Explore wholesale Glassware in Melbourne today.

It’s time for you to complete your glassware collection and offer a quality dining experience to your guests. Our supplies are specifically designed for commercial establishments including cafes, restaurants, hotels, bars and clubs.

For any queries, you can call us on 03 9411 8888.

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