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The plastic cocktail shaker is an essential bartending tool. It is primarily used to prepare cocktail drinks. The shaker allows all the ingredients to fully integrate and blend in order to create delicious and mouth-watering flavours.

Our cocktail shaker in Melbourne features a strainer that keeps the ice inside and reduces spillage. The airtight cap keeps the drink in one place while preventing leakage when the bartender shakes the drink.

cocktail shakers online

Why Do You Need To Buy A Cocktail Shaker?

You can complete your bar section by getting all the latest barware. This will allow your staff to make cocktail drinks and create a fun drinking experience for the customers. The cocktail shakers are meant for commercial use, they are easy to clean and maintain and are made of 100% solid stainless steel.


The plastic cocktail shaker ensures proper dilution which results in a smoother and flavoursome cocktail drink. They are used to prepare and serve a range of drinks in the exact quantity. If you want to offer delicious cocktails to your customers, then this cocktail shaker is what you need to get going.

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