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Buy Classy and Elegant Barware Online in Melbourne

The bars are filled with an extensive variety of glassware and other essential equipment to prepare cocktails and drinks. Shop for the best barware in Melbourne and serve your customers in unique and fancy cocktail glasses. Barware consists of all the essentials you need to prepare cocktails and beverages.

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Whether you want to serve margaritas, wine, beer, vodka or liquors, you need to have a fully stocked bar. Hotel Agencies is the home to high-quality bar supplies ranging from cocktail tools, accessories, wine buckets, glass racks, condiment dispensers, ice trays and so much more.

When browsing our barware online you may come across these key tools.

  • Hawthorn strainer – used for straining the contents and froth of a finished cocktail after it has been shaken in a cocktail shaker.
  • Speed pourers – used for pouring spirits such as vodka, whiskey, rum, tequila and Gin. Bartenders can buy barware online that provides an exact measurement of either 15ml or 30ml. This is thanks to small beads in the pourer, another benefit of the higher quality pourer is that customers do not need to purchase a jigger for an accurate measurement. These pourers come in different free pouring styles such as slow pourers, fast pourers, with lids and in materials such as metal and plastic.
  • Muddling spoons – used for stirring cocktails and mixes after they have been made, to ensure the alcohol is evenly distributed throughout the drink.
  • Jiggers – when using free pouring mechanisms bartenders will legally need to have a jigger to enable them to obtain an accurate measurement before they can empty the contents into a cocktail. These come in acrylic, metal and different colours and sizes 15ml, 30ml, 45ml and 60ml.
  • Waiters friend – this handy tool comes in a few different styles and has three functions. A bottle opener, a cork remover and a small knife.
  • Bottle openers – Hotel Agencies offers a few different types of this barware online. It includes our wall mounted bottle openers for fast paced venues, winged bottle openers which have a twisting mechanism and a lever to allow for easy removal of corks and our standard bar blades for opening bottles.
  • Ice trays – customers often like to have a variety of stylish looking ice for their drinks, a Hotel Agencies we offer large ice balls, small and large square ice in silicone trays to allow for easier removal.
  • Ice scoops – used for scooping ice into drinks.
  • Vacuum wine stoppers – used for resealing wine bottles.
  • Bottle resealer – used to reseal all types of bottles.
  • Bar tweezers – used for decorating cocktails.
  • Wooden muddler – for grinding and making pastes used in cocktails.
  • Manual glass washers – a cylinder covered in bristles on the inside used to quickly clean glasses.
  • Citrus squeezers – Hotel Agencies offers a variety of different hand held squeezers.
  • Cocktail shakers – The main tool of a bartender used for mixing alcohol with other ingredients, these are available in chrome, gold and copper and black colours. Choose from metal or acrylic shakers or even a cocktail set.
  • Speed racks – placed close to the counter, these stainless steel bays are used as quick access points for bartenders serving the most popular spirits to customers. These come in 6 and 8 bottle sizes.

The barware online engineered to enhance the true aroma and flavours of the drinks. When you serve a drink in the right bar glasses to your customers, it will automatically improve their drinking experience.

Barware For Sale

Not all types of barware are made for the same purpose, which means you need to be aware of the specific glasses based on the beverage you are serving in your bar or resort. Each bar tool has a unique construction process. Hotel Agencies brings branded and compatible bar tools and glassware at reasonable prices. No matter what you need to set up a bar in your hotel, we have got the most basic and advanced barware for sale.

With commercial barware in Melbourne, you can successfully offer exceptional bar services to your guests and customers. From serving in shot glasses to old-fashioned whiskey glasses, we have a selection of high-quality bar tools to enhance your glassware in different styles, designs and sizes.

Hotel Agencies also offers punch bowls and ice buckets that are made of durable metal, these buckets are used to hold a large number of beverages. The wide handles are installed for easy transportation. The compact and practical design makes it the perfect addition to restaurant bars.

Connect with our team today and get information on all our hospitality supplies.

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