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If you are looking for tumblers at wholesale price, you can rely on the product selection of Hotel Agencies. We understand the importance of having quality glassware to make an impactful style statement for your customers.

The type of glasses you have in your bar or café can help you improve the experience of your guests. While offering bar services, you need to have adequate glassware to serve cocktails and mocktails. In case you are not familiar with the different varieties of glasses available online, you can speak to our customer support team. Our industry experts can help you shortlist the best glass tumblers in Australia according to the type of beverages you serve and your budget.

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Each tumbler is designed to add more style and sophistication to table settings. To enhance the drinking experience of your customers, we highly suggest you browse our selection of tumblers available for sale online.

We have got the latest and trendy drinking tumblers ideal for serving water, juice and drinks. The sturdy and tempered tumblers are resilient to the commercial environment. They are thermal resistant and are stronger as compared to other materials.

Discover a whole new range of tumblers in Australia within your budget. We offer tumblers in various shapes, sizes and designs to suit the décor of modern tabletops. Don’t forget to check out our collection of tumblers. They have flat bottoms and contains no handle or stem.


The glass tumblers in Australia are chip resistant. They can withstand a low-temperature range and can be kept in freezers and microwaves. Currently, we are offering hospitality supplies at wholesale prices.

Shop for compact size glass tumblers in bulk to save you money.

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