Get A Metal Wine Bucket With Lid For Your Bar

When a customer visits your bar on a hot sunny day, they will expect to get a chilled and refreshing cocktail. For such occasions, an insulated ice bucket can be a useful addition to your hotel’s bar. It is used to store ice cubes in huge amounts and keep the drinks chilled for longer hours.

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What Are The Advantages Of A Metal Ice Bucket?

The wine ice bucket is used in commercial settings to keep the wine and other alcoholic drinks at an optimum temperature. You can keep a pre-chilled bottle in the bucket and serve it directly to your customers. They have a simple and elegant design; the high polished finish complements the contemporary bar settings. You can add this lightweight barware product to your restaurant and bars and accommodate the requests of your customers.

Hotel Agencies have carefully handpicked wine ice buckets to help hotel owners keep up with the increasing supply of ice in their premises. The double-wall stainless-steel buckets also feature a tong for picking up ice. With a high-temperature retention rate, this wine bucket is your perfect companion for serving ready to drink beverages for lunch and dinner.

Looking for a metal ice bucket? Hotel Agencies offers these with either knob and flat handles to suit customers specific needs, there is also a brushed or polished finish for those looking for a different aesthetic look.

Ice Bucket With Lid

The metal bucket with lid has a high ice holding capacity, the lid ensures there is no extra gap or space and offers a secure closing point. The insulated walls prevent condensation and are also resistant to corrosion. You can keep your drinks fresh and safe from contamination by using these extraordinary ice buckets. They can be placed in both indoor and outdoor spaces.

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