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Having the correct whisky glass improves your drinking experience. Let customers enjoy every sip of their favourite drink from our unique range of whiskey glasses online. From old fashioned glasses to tasters, Hotel Agencies offer a comprehensive range of glassware suitable for everyday use in commercial establishments.

Make sure your restaurant or hotel’s bar section is fully equipped with the latest whiskey glasses for sale. We have different types of whiskey glasses to cater to our client’s requests. Our glassware features a mountain range design that keeps the aroma of the whiskey intact.

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We believe that well-designed glassware can help create a lasting impression for your customers. The size and design of glasses can make a lot of difference in the front and back of house for your venue. Choose from our range of stackable whiskey glasses online for a more organised solution, saving you space, time and money. Additionally, we have the most stylish whiskey glasses Australia has to offer with special patterned glasses. Many of these sets are manufactured in countries such as Germany, France, Italy, Turkey, Thailand and Slovakia. Our specialists are available online to guide you in choosing the right whiskey glasses in Australia.

Choose Our Glassware For A Delightful Customer Experience

Commercial grade whiskey glasses are affordable and feature long straight sides which allow an individual to hold their glass without touching their nose. If you want to buy durable and handy glassware for your pub or club, then we recommend you to choose our iconic whiskey glasses online. These clear glasses highlight the rich aroma and colour of whiskey. The wider base of the glass and long stem also eliminates the alcohol’s heat and enhances the taste of whiskey.

Our old-fashioned whiskey glasses for sale are quite popular among our customers as they feature an optic detailing. With excellent shine, the glass effectively optimises the drink’s aromas and intense flavours. If your customers are looking for something a little stronger, then you can serve them a stronger serving in our double old fashioned whiskey glasses which can be used as a multipurpose glass.

Get this perfectly hand-crafted glassware made from crystalline glass and complete your set.

At Hotel Agencies, we work with dedicated professionals to create a selection of high quality hospitality supplies. We are always here to ensure our customers shop online at their convenience.

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